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Brun, and anastomozed shear zones. Wide variety of environments are available: The impact of zircon-garnet REE distribution data on the interpretation of zircon U-Pb ages in complex high-grade terrains: Sachant que le milieu est incompressible: Compress this newly installed OFP directory. With regard to the 1.

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Les meilleures campagnes solo non BIS Post To explain this structural pattern, Plane Plane 4×10 Flattening strain Constriction strain Flattening we propose a bulk instantaneous constrictional 20 40 Time m. VBS1 comes with 1 standard Island. Nos prévisions seront bientôt disponibles dans votre boîte mail En plus de lire nos analyses, nous vous proposons d’aller encore plus loin en les testant. The Neoarchean granulitic crust tectonic evolution has first been constrained by in situ monazites analyses.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Comportement mécanique des lithosphères continentales chaudes Evolution des cratons Néoarchéens et Paléoprotérozoïques de Terre Adélie Antarctique Est et …. Fred qui a failli me sauver la vie aurait-il fallu que je sois vraiment malade Colleagues from Sydney Univeristy: Salutations aux Clermontois M.

The East Antarctic Shield is made of several geological domains amalgamated at about Ma, during the Ross orogeny. All this domains but one recorded Grenvillian and Pan-African events: Also, they display identical geological histories prior the opening of the Southern Ocean basin at around 90 Ma. The present work deals with the study of the tectonic mechanisms responsible for the structuration of the Mawson Paleo-continent.

Field investigations and laboratory work petrology, Ar—Ar and U—Th—Pb geochronology on samples from both cratons allowed 1 to precise the age and the origin of the Neoarchaean deformation and the mechanical behaviour of the continental lithosphere at that time, and 2 to quantify the magnitude of the Paleoproterozoic deformation within the Archaean crust and in adjacent Paleo- proterozoic domains.

This work provides new constraints regarding Precambrian tectonics. Our results al- lowed us to evidence and to numerically model in 3D at the lithospheric-scale, the strain evolution during waning of convergence force into a warm Archaean lithosphere. We show that tectonic and gravitationnal forces compete in order to drive horizontal constrictive flow of the continental lithosphere, in a direction perpendicular to the convergence.

Fur- thermore, we illustrate rheological duality between a stabilized cratonic domain and its autochtonous sedimentary cover during later tectonic reactivation. Numerical expe- riments and Archaean field examples Duclaux G. Orogen-parallel flow during continental convergence: Numerical experi- ments and Archaean field examples — Geology, V35, 8, — Numerical experiments and Archean field examples ; Reply to Comment — accep- ted to Geology, November Carte de variations de la vitesse des ondes S.

Photographie de Franck Hurley. Est-ce une convulsion du globe? Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas! Nous avons choisi de focaliser notre attention sur le Mawson continent Fanning et al. Van Staal and Williams ; Pan-Africain: Krogh ; Culshaw et al. Ainsi, les travaux de Coltice et al. Une estimation du gradient subductif autour de 2. Un exemple Ashwal et al. Les travaux de Veizer et al.


Therefore it corresponds to a well-preserved continental segment that developed from the Neoarchean to the Paleoproterozoic. However, this craton represents one of the less studied parts of the East Antarctic Shield. The three maps presented here clearly point out the extent of two distinct domains within the Terre Adélie Craton and suggest that the TAC was built up through a polyphased evolution during the Neoarchean-Siderian c.

These data support a complete re-assessment of the TAC geology and represent a valuable base for the understanding of global geodynamics changes during Paleoproterozoic times. Three geological Terre Adélie, further West, including a preliminary maps are presented here that review some 15 years of geological map of the coast between Pointe Géologie and field, petrological and geochronological investigations in Cape Denison, and the first absolute dating of the Pointe Terre Adélie and western George Vth Land.

A general Géologie migmatitic formations at ca. It emphasizes the distinction of main a, b; Bellair and Delbos, A integrate the previous, and scarce, data in a regional second map Fig. Finally the third map Fig. Detailed mapping of cf. Moreover these results have also been Denison during the Australasian Antarctic used to constrain better the mechanical behaviour of the Expedition AAE wintering.

Stillwell and Tilley Neoarchean continental lithosphere Duclaux et al. Geological sketch map of the Terre Adélie Craton illustrating the 2. A short time span brackets sediment The Easternmost domain Fig. Within metamorphic conditions where significantly lower. The the Neoarchean gneissic basement, the Cape Hunter Cape Hunter metapelites recrystallized under greenschist phyllites see below could be considered as remnants of a facies conditions at ca.

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But, according to our data Duclaux et al. It consists in metapelitic metatonalites. They are cross cut by numerous pegmatitic migmatitic gneisses with subordinate metagraywackes, dikes. The metamorphic evolution may be compared to silicic metavolcanic rocks and mafic intrusions. Through numerical experiments and Palaeozoic unit of Cape Webb and Penguin Fanning et field constraints, Duclaux et al.

Gawler cratons during Mesozoic times. With regard to the 1. Delbos,Age absolu de la dernière granitisation en Terre Adélie. Ménot, aOrogen- parallel flow during continental convergence: Numerical experiments metamorphism and varied retrograde mineral and Archaean field examples, Geology, 35, 8, Such features are assumed to be associated Duclaux, G.

Peucat with space and time heterogeneities in the distribution of and J. Furthermore, according to Fanning et al. Abstracts of the 16th Australian Australia.

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This link was examined in details and is Geological Conference, vol. Ménot,Whither the Mawson supports the Mawson continent hypothesis Fanning et al. In was later amalgamated to the East Antarctic continent Yoshida M. EdsProterozoic East Fitzsimons, and ref. This research has been funded by the French Polar Heurtebize, G. We also warmly thank Prof. Guillot,Structural setting of the Neoarchean terrains in reviews. GiretAubert de la Rüe, E. Géologie Terre AdélieC. Fanning,Proterozoic geology east and Testut,1.


B and Henry S. EdsAntarctic at the close of a Stillwell, F. Peucat,Tectonique Stüwe, K. Ménot,From partial melting Talarico, F. Kleinschmidt, switcjer, Structural and Metamorphic to retrogression in the Pointe Géologie migmatitic complex: Ces granites recoupent la foliation des orthogneiss.

Monzogranodiorite Archipel de Port Martin ; C. Orthogneiss monzogranodioritiques Archipel de Port Martin ; D.

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Les termes les plus basiques Photo 3. Filons et roches granitiques tel, version 1 – 17 Jan Les filons Photo 3. On trouve enfin un autre type de granites, qui semble issu de la fusion des granulites felsiques basiques.

Poches granitiques dans les orthogneiss basiques Stillwell Island ; C. Ils indiquent une forte composante en cisaillement pur.

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Des boudins mafiques sub-horizontaux dans des gneiss gris Photo 3. Boudin mafique horizontal dans des gneiss amphiboli- tiques Fletcher Archipelago ; E. Mylonite et pseudotachylite bande sombre dans les monzogra- nodiorites Archipel de Port Martin ; E. Granulites were extruded in the core of a crustal-scale anticlinal fold, but retrogressed only on the rims of the anticline.

Crustal-scale folding, along with other structural features resulted from intense NE-SW shortening that prevailed during the Neoarchean orogenic cycle. Strike-slip and extensional motions were only minor components in that process; iii top-to-the-East thrusting and nappe piling had at least locally occurred under lower amphibolite to greenschist facies conditions.

Finally, it seems that iv the Paleoproterozoic 1.

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The tectonic context observed in the 1. The eastern Mertz and western Port Martin parts of the Archean block were reactivated by localized dextral shearing. East Antarctica, Neoarchean, Elitd, granulites, tectonics. Antarctic shield is considered as a tectonic collage of This tectono-metamorphic event gave ages of 1.

A smaller tectonic block occurs at et al. Cape Hunter, within the Neoarchean domain but specific i The main Paleoproterozoic-tectonic unit is located contacts between terranes are not observed.

A localized retrograde imprint at 1. To the West, from Port assumed Oliver and Fanning, The structural Martin to Cape Denison, syn-kinematic intrusions of features of the Neoarchean tectonic units are still switcuer meta-granodiorites dated at 2.